2023-2024 GVC Player Awards

by K.P. Wee

The Greater Vancouver Canadians are excited to announce the winners of the 2023-24 player awards. Thank you to all the athletes for an outstanding season. Best wishes to the graduating players!

U18 Canadians

MVP - Maxfeld Shin  

Most Improved - Massimo Ardizzoni 

Unsung Hero - Jack Macfarlane  

Leading Scorer - Yashas Jain   

Most Sportsmanlike - Ryan Ashe 

Most Inspirational - Jack Taylor 

Leadership Award - Lucas Epp

U17 Canadians

MVP - John Bethell 

Most Improved - Trevor Chin

Unsung Hero - Helius Guan 

Leading Scorers - Sorash Ramlal and Luca Martyniuk (tied) 

Most Sportsmanlike - Aidan Yao   

Most Inspirational - Nathan van Hoeke

Leadership Award - Nick Drapack

U15 Canadians

MVP - Henry Goldman  

Most Improved - Magnus Balakrishnan

Unsung Hero - Evan Borisoff 

Leading Scorer - Henry Goldman 

Most Sportsmanlike - Connor Ma

Leadership Award - Gavin Dacpano 

Graduating players

Lucas Epp 

Yashas Jain 

Marcus Kwong 

Dawson Sucke 

Jack Taylor 

Kyle Zhang 

BCEHL Humanitarian Awards

The Humanitarian Awards are handed out by the BCEHL to players representing the league in a positive manner and being upstanding members of our community.

U18 Canadians: Maxfeld Shin 

U15 Canadians: Luke Wilson